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Bring a Sea Change to the City's Water World

Action research that mentors green solutions 

AltTech was founded as a Registered Trust in 2004. In recent years,it focuses entirely on accelerating sustainability and has gained rapid traction.

Three key drivers are: Public Campaigns with WOW, Education for Sustainability Professionals with SAANSS, Greening Projects as Peer Review Apex Advisory.

Each of these buckets of activities feeds the other with only one goal: Decarbonisation at the building scale, and at the city scale.

AltTech.Foundation today has work that is ongoing with Global Water Works in Wisconsin, The International Center for Clean Water at IIT- Madras, WWM in Chicago, the Indian Plumbing Association, and other leader groups who see the dire need for change in the World of Water

We can, together, ease every city's water crisis


The foundation has partner institution world wide. 

Key partners are Global Water Works, 

From graduate to green business manager.

Sustainability Arts and Science Series (SAANSS) is a practical, hands-on, real-time, intense, interactive set of Management Development Programmes. We make Green Business Managers out of Technical Managers. Top-flight CEOs of industry in India and the world share hard experience, help you think through challenges and steer you to creating solutions for any building anywhere, big or small.


Sustainability Peer Reviews

AltTech carries rare expertise in construction and strategies for making buildings green and energy/water efficient. Its sustainability champions offer peer review options for both corporate and institutional buildings.
You’ll see how you can make your buildings sharply more cost efficient — whether they are existing or new buildings. The combination of experience and strategy understanding makes it richly rewarding for any CEO. 

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