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AltTech carries rare expertise in construction and strategies for making buildings green and energy/water efficient. Its sustainability champions offer peer review options for both corporate and institutional buildings.

You’ll see how you can make your buildings sharply more cost efficient — whether they are existing or new buildings. The combination of experience and strategy understanding makes it richly rewarding for any CEO.

Shaping the fundamentals of a project

  • How do you go about evaluating what you create as financial value for a project, and as lasting value for customers and end-occupants of a building.

  • How do you create and gain from a variety of templates that are created for the range of activities from design to execution?

  • How do you create plans that offer low-carbon, low-energy, are climate-friendly, and resilient over the long term?

  • How far does your own autonomy stretch to realise these directions and strategies?

Strategic Review and ideas and options for the Creation of realty and other projects – for both new and existing buildings -- from design stage right up to execution with effective savings for any project of a minimum of 10 pc over the conventional — with the additional benefits of ….

  •  greater customer satisfaction,

  •  higher energy and water security,

  •  greater long term resilience,

  •  higher sales potential,

  •  lower capex,

  •  same opex as regular buildings,

  •  lower energy,

  •  lower carbon emission for building,

  •  net zero water rating and platinum rating for project (secured on intent of design so it helps sales),

  •  climate friendly homes as brand value,

  •  lower microclimate temperature thanks to larger surface     water creation,

  •  return to traditional Indian technology with contemporary knowhow & engineering,

  •  greater local community engagement and customer

  •  excitement on neighbourhood values. 

What in essence does the Sustainability Peer Review Offer?

Some Base Premises

  • The what’s of a project are usually known to a business leader and the Management as they set about plans for either a new building or revisiting costs of an existing building.

  • It’s the how-to’s and the quality of asking that AltTech professionals bring, before you settle upon the multiple stakeholders and vendors and solution providers to address the various aspects of the project that will gain from the interactions we will have. A typical building employs about 600 different materials, and evaluating them with an eye on the sustainability supply chain is part of the understanding that AltTech brings as support to a project’s dynamics.


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Marketing Executive

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  • Capex savings. 

  • Opex savings and efficiency of decisions. 

  • Value engineering that enhances customer value and brand equity for the company. 

  • Communicating the green vision.

  • No additional cost beyond conventional solutions.

The Benefits Accruing will be Multi-fold.

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  • Capex review for construction, energy and water costs of the project.

  • Opex options, ease of management, financial savings post-occupancy, enhanced water and energy security, greater resilience for the campus, simple IoT measures, co-benefits of going green the elements that enhance, all of which leading to higher customer or end-user satisfaction. 

  • Broader vision values gained are low carbon impact and healthy, climate-friendly buildings, greater appeal for the children and women in residential projects and to employees in commercial and industrial projects, green rating of campus and market impact with such endorsement.

Strategic Objectives will cover

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  • Charting the road with timelines and milestones set. 

  • Mapping the design elements even before an architect is commissioned for the project.

  • Knowing what exists as solutions is half the strength that AltTech will bring. The rest is knowing how, and what to ask. 

Deadlines for all Elements of Plan & Execution

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  • Mapping consumption matrix at design stage.

  • Listing of specs for electrical drawing along with the water consumption profile. 

  • Water constructs will be detailed over meetings.

  • Waste will be discussed and specific solutions with cost and benefit will be reached. 

  • Value engineering for the building envelope.

  • Internal - external air quality and interventions that enhance customer value.

  • cost savings or customer benefit interventions that enhance enviormnet factors.  

  • Evolving the right directory of solution providers with many options across the board.

Sizing the challenge

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  • AltTech serves as an Apex Resource Efficiency Advisory. 

  • Currently, advising to residential, commercial, mixed land use, and affordable homes project on the spectrum of design and execution.

  • We steer low-energy, low-carbon, cost-effective directions for infrastructure beyond the envelope. 

  • We are a non-profit. Net surplus goes to research and other sustainability projects.

  • An engagement will last many months until project closure and occupancy begins. 

Equation with AltTech Consortium.

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  • To be worked out based on the quality of goals AltTech will help set and achieve, with savings both on capex & opex, and benefits beyond costs that will accrue to the buildings. 

  • Payments can be tiered with a monthly amount paid on account, while the rest on defined milestones as they are flagged down and the measures of savings are achieved.

  • An NDA binding both institutions will be signed at the appropriate time.  

The professional cost structure.

Broad contours

  • Co-creating a Checklist of Aspirant Values that will capture every detail of what your project and your company needs for covering the entire spectrum of construction materials, structural efficiencies, management of water, energy, waste and air, and achieving low-carbon bottom lines. 

  • What is SAANSS?
    SAANSS is a series of highly customised Short Term Certification MDPs or Management Development Programmes as a post graduate learning. SAANSS is an acronym for Sustainability Arts And Science. The learning of sustainability solutions is a combination of both the art of symbiotic, synthesised approaches of critical thinking and the science of quantifying problems of infrastructure management in cities, in buildings, and in manufacturing industry — all relevant to natural resource efficiency. SAANSS in Hindi is also the very breath of life. All the programmes converge upon creating a professional in you who responds to the elements of Life with respect and reverence for the planet’s resources.
  • Is there any prerequisite for admission?
    All applicants must be graduates or post graduates in Architecture, Engineering or any discipline of Basic Sciences, Management, Commerce, or Humanities. Every applicant will be required to take an online Prequalification IQ Test and a Personality Test that will assess comprehension, communication, capacity, commitment. ATF Counsellors will evaluate without prejudice and on an algorithms base that avoids bias.The above PQTs and a graduate degree in any discipline from any University are the two prerequisites.
  • Is it a self-paced course?
    No. It’s a time-bound programme. Each batch is for a duration of five weeks with about 35 hours of intense online class learning and exchanges. The online work-class sessions are held twice a week for about 2.5 hours each time. There are post-class exercises that participants have to complete before the next session. All learning is practical, enjoyable.
  • Are the programmes with usual lectures and textbook studying?
    It is NOT based on lectures. It is not based on textbook learning. All learning is with experience and examples of actual projects that relate to energy-water-waste-air management or challenges of housing in cities and villages, or of smart city projects. Complex concepts of sustainability are explained with visual infographics and metrics. These work-class sessions explore your quest for creating solutions, paces the learning with the team’s collective ability to understand and to create solutions with hard examples of real life situations and challenges in industry.
  • Do I have an option to take the SAANSS programmes at your centres?
    There are no physical meetings for classes as a policy at SAANSS. These are all online modules. Barring physically meeting you the programmes offer personal interaction of high quality with attention to your thoughts and questions provided with care by the SAANSS leader faculty. SAANSS is designed to be virtual which also enhances the quality of attention the faculty offers and the undivided attention you offer to the sessions from the comfort of your house or office.
  • What do I need as equipment for these online learning sessions?
    A laptop and a good WiFi connection. You need to be sitting in a well lit room with enough light on your face for good audio and visual contact. You need to have paper and pen for making notes and concentration on the learning during the assigned hours of learning. You should also be prepared with the study of all materials that will be sent to you well before each work-class session.
  • I am working as an engineer and have time only before or after office timings. Can I take these programmes?
    Yes. You can. The SAANSS series of ten programmes are meant for fresh graduates and for working professionals who want to expand their knowledge and skills in management of buildings, cities, large campuses, village blocks and so on. The working class-sessions are therefore tailored for pre and post office hours in the mornings and evenings. Depending on the batch and the preference of the students of the batch and the convenience of the leader faculty, the online work-class sessions will be scheduled for each batch.
  • When are these Short Term Certification MDPs starting?
    The details of the programmes of the SAANSS series are provided in the website’s other pages. The calendar of programmes is provided separately at this website. The starting of each of the batches is at the discretion of the SAANSS management and depends on the admissions programme. Admissions to each programme is limited to only 40 participants. Admission will be purely on merit and your performance in the two prequalification tests. It will be on first come first served basis. Qualifying Applicants beyond the ceiling of 40 students to a batch will be offered option to join a subsequent batch.
  • What is the fee to be paid by me for the programme I choose to join.
    Talk to the SAANSS counsellors. They’ll help you navigate through the admission process. They will also take you through the selection protocols after successful completion of a Pre-Qualification test that will be given to all applicants. They will advise you on payment modes and admission closures.
  • How do I get more details of the programmes?
    You can mail at for a counseling discussion.
  • What are likely benefits to participants who successfully certify?
    Companies are looking for Sustainability Officers who can preside over new compliance mandates for water audits, energy audits, Sustainability Reporting, GRI etc. Internship opportunity with companies, voluntary organizations and others who are in the space of sustainability and development practices. Beyond career prospects, SAANSS series of programmes prepares Certified Practitioners in a holistic manner, and prepares them to think and be part of solutions.
  • What makes the SAANSS MDPs different from other such programmes if they are offered elsewhere?
    Every SAANSS course is designed to focus on learning that is hands-on, and trains the participants on specifics of costs, aesthetics, execution, enrolling others in the organization, in methodology, critical analysis and thinking through first principles. It brings Use Case Studies and success stories from Industry with sharing of experiences of failures of these leaders. It will also enable Case Projects that help students to enhance their critical thinking processes.
  • What is the reward/assessment system? Is there any exam?
    There are session-wise Assessments with grades given by the faculty for Attention & Recall. There are Assessments for Comprehension, Project case leadership, communication and identifying of challenges, and creating of directions for solutions. The cumulative grades of the assessment will be offered to the participants at the Valedictory. However the spirit of the programme is not to encourage unhealthy competition. It is more to hold a good mirror to the participants so self learning is enabled.
  • Can this be done by students alongside their current courses?
    Yes. The real-time online sessions are designed and scheduled to be held in ways that they are before or after office hours with more time claimed on Saturdays if all students of the batch agree on time.
  • What is the Duration of the Short Term Certification MDP?
    The program has two plenary sessions of two hours each with industry leaders who are invited to inspire the batch of participants with their insights and experience. There are six sessions, each of 2.5 hours held during pre- and post- office hours. Each session progressively develops the participants’ ability on the issues that the Certification Program has set down as learning objectives. There will be a total of about 35 hours of intense learning and an equal amount of time you spend beyond learning hours on assignments and project exercises.
  • What is the methodology involved in teaching?
    It is in the form of slide presentations, video clips of cases, experience sharing of the CEOs who are faculty. Your learning is evaluated on the basis of your enthusiastic participation and engagement in focus group dynamics, project case study exercises, virtual visits to projects with presentations from industry leaders, and other such methodology based learning. It is an accelerated, hands-on, interactive, real-time Online series of sessions with Use Case studies and Case Projects for you as students to solve. All students are offered access to audio and video on a unique and customized online platform with virtual classrooms for every batch of the different programmes together with shared drive and other digital accessories for easy access of information. There’ll be post session counselling offered to students upon request. Additionally, exercises are given to students of films and articles and research papers as Reference Reading with Q&A that will also form part of Assessment Grades.
  • Who are the Faculty leaders and teachers? What are their credentials?
    The Lead Faculty of every program is CEO of a company that has been successful in the domain. Other Co-faculty also bring practical learning and shared experience in industry in the specialist domain areas of the programmes. These are not ‘teachers’ in the regular sense. They are industry leaders who do not teach. Their sharing is the basis for your learning.

Way Forward 

  • Reduce your broad intent and object to a framework on this association which has many multi-dimensions that Alttech will bring to the table. 

A win for the core brand value 

  • Currently AltTech Foundation is leading an Initiative for an ambitious urban India Initiative called the WOW Action Forum with knowledge partners from across the world and other India geographies.

  • Your company can be a lead sustainability partner for this programme or of the Public Demonstration Projects for Water Conservation. Both are of national significance with the donor fund (in lieu of consideration for AltTech consulting) that may be structured if your organisation sees value in this association.

  • Your company’s brand value will gain by partnering India’s largest such pioneering Water initiative that is entirely led by citizen leaders, and mentored by the finest global icons of sustainability from institutions in India, Canada, the US, France and Australia.

  • You need speed and value in solutions offered. We will match those expectations. 

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