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02 Edition
Sept 2021


Water is a perfect example of all that is wrong in our city. Not just in an environmental point of view but also in issues of governance, equity. How much does someone living in a bungalow pay vs someone living in an apartment vs someone living in an low income community. There is a huge disparity in that. It’s crazy that someone from a low income pay way more that someone from a well to do household.

- Meera


In 2016, I saw a lot of tourists coming to Nandi Hills and throwing a lot of garbage. And no one used to listen when I tell them. One day I went and picked up some of the garbage and started working to see if I can pick it up atleast around my house in Nandi Hills. And then I thought I can do only so much. The next time I went to do it I announced it on my social media. I had about 100 people join me in Nandi Hills as it is a nice area to come in the morning and do some activity. We cleaned 1 stretch that’s less that 1 kilmometer and got 6 tonnes of plastic.

- Ram Ganesh


I have had the privilege of coming across citizen that are very passionate. It is important to get involved because its our own future. Its been amazing seeing so many active citizens as we call them who are being a part of so many initiatives from saving lakes to installing water meters or implementing rainwater harvesting in their community. There are so many places were people have already taken charge. Infact when people visit Bangalore they say ‘You Bengalurians are lucky, you have a lot of people engaging. In our cities it’s not so easy getting people involved or take notice’.

- Meera


In this country there is no public opinion. We hardly listen to them. I learnt to listen to them. It may be negative or positive but I listened and gained a lot of knowledge on how to connect with communities, how to speak with them, how to solve their problems and make them a part of your game. The entire strata of society is situated around lakes. Right from the high end villas to the slum communities. The kind of awareness we need to give to every person is different.

- Kalpana


These are extracts of conversations of WOW members in the Core Executive Group. Add your comments, views


Low cost Rainwater harvesting storage tank

Example of a low-cost storage tank that can be installed for harvesting rainwater.

- Vijayaraj


Please give details about the RWH Storage tank like the material of Construction, max volume that such tanks can take, supplier details etc.

- U V Sitapati Rao


It's made of galvanized sheet . Inside geotextile . And nylon based HDEP liner. Life minimum of 20 years. Minimum 50 kl to 800 kl. Can be installed in 2 days. Can be shifted any time and reinstalled.

- Vijayaraj

Check this RO Reject water device that you can fit at home

- Murali Anur


How can villages manage floods and water droughts? Listen to this radio chat.

- Vijayaraj


Check this blog on Good Governance at Indore.

- Sanjay Gupta, Indore

Flood Water Harvesting

Instead of scaring Bangalorians that they will starve for water soon, if there is an Environmental Minister in the Karnataka Government, to take up on diverting the flood water with speed breakers with standard design  to be put up at the beginning and end of roads from where water can be diverted to open areas   including that in Housing complexes, parks, individual bungalows.  


What if, the locations become slushy for a day or two?  Cellars in Complexes are anyway flooded for few days during flash floods-It happened at least in 25 %  of the Complexes in Hyderabad last year. In our Complex we didn't have this problem as we have an  excellent RWH System in place and not a single drop of rain water goes out. There are floods in the rainy season and tankers in summer !  


There is no water scarcity in India. It is only mismanagement of water resources. It is time we have  an exclusive ministry for Flood management coupled with RWH & Water recycling. If Kalpane Madam can do flood management in a small capacity, it should be replicated elsewhere in  Hyderabad & Bangalore too through WOW with a humble beginning.  


20 years back people were not aware of RWH. 10 years back people were not talking about STP Water reuse. Today people are not talking about Flood water management Engineering wise. Probably they will, in the next 10 years !!!

- Dr. Hari Haran

All the flooding on the roads due to rains is because we have closed the shoulder storm water drains alongside the road. All houses, apartment  complexes, establishments, cover up the storm water drains to get additional parking places just outside their buildings.  


When such is the situation how do u expect the rain water to drain off. All such storm water drains also are clogged up by all sorts of waste.  Where will the water go under such circumstances? Understand that in many countries it is the responsibility of the building owner to maintain the storm water drains alongside his building and it should always be kept of any waste. Basic civic sense has to be inculcated to maintain civic amenities and infrastructure on every citizen. I ensure that the drain just outside my  building is kept free of all such waste but the others do not do it.

- V K Saxena

Simple solutions to a seemingly complex issue of water are best addressed as follows :

1) Flood water harvesting (FWH) Can we have this abbreviation propagated & executed !

2) Have an excellent Storm water drain system to carry only rain water, to start with in one locality where flood water is abundantly flowing and extended later  

3) Make standardized Speed breakers at the entrance & exit of each road to provide take-off water courses leading to Complexes, Individual buildings, Parks & Lakes -- These speed breakers will reduce road accidents also.

- U V Sitapati Rao

D A N C I N G    T O W A R D S    I S R   (I N D I V I  D U A L     S O C I A L      R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S)

H.E.L.P your Help ! H - HEALTH            E - Education             L - Life skills              P - Perks

There comes a time when we all need to hit the pause button and reflect on our deeds, thoughts and actions. While we may regret things that didn't come to pass we can strive to change things that we can and above all, rediscover the humane side of our personalities that may have been side lined with our busy lives. The Pandemic has shown us that 'this time’ has come- the time to be compassionate and take responsibility and care for all those who serve us. Our PMC community has always shown it cares… forward thinking and humane. This is reflected in the way this community has acknowledged the work of our support staff- looking after their needs and donating generously to a fund set up exclusively for their benefit. But can we do more??  Yes, we can! We can help those who help us in our homes. Our domestic helps who come every single day to care and tend to our home needs. They lead lives that are still unorganized, unrecognized labour, voiceless and sometimes exploited. As an enlightened community, while we are all doing our bit to help these women/men in need, can we go the extra mile? Besides helping financially could we also upgrade their skills so that they can be more atma nirbhar ? Can we educate them on their rights, their health, their children?  Yes, we can!  Join the H.E.L.P initiative.

Gold standard illustrative 10  points :

1. Basic induction at home when they join - communicate the work process at home-each home will have variation.

2. Check if they have a bank account, if not, help them to open an account.

3. Insure DH - domestic help for 2 lakhs annual premium is Rs 12/ - through any bank. Apprise them about the PPF account.

4. Enhance their skills in cooking, soft skills, fire safety, water use etc.

5. Organize free health camps: general checkup /eye care etc.

6. Free tuition, in spare time, to their children.

7. Supporting any special talent in Sports, Music, Handicrafts

8. Some adult literacy helps.

9. Simple advice in their own small home, health, resource management ,like  water management, clean cooking stoves, low cost renewable energy devices, bank of nutrition, explaining them in simple terms importance of local ecosystems : local lakes, flora & fauna there and local forests  .

10. A weekly holiday.


The WOW Action Forum hosts Commendation Awards every quarter and bestows the                                                                  on all Big Water-Savers who save and so ‘donate’ water to the city by consuming less fresh water in the interest of making water-positive cities.



Alt. Tech Foundation is a not-for-profit, for-industry Foundation for

(i) producing sustainability managers and leaders,
(ii) providing green management skill sets,

(iii) hosting city-wide campaigns for citizen collective action to save water & energy,

(iv) purposing research for city infrastructure.

WOW Action Forum is a globally pioneering effort for bringing collective private action to save very large quantities of water at apartments, at Industry, at tech parks, or hotels and hospitals or malls and other such buildings. The 2021 mission is set to save 1000 Cr lites with community-led action. This alone will bring a saving of 236 Cr in electricity bills for the city, and a reduction in carbon emission of nearly 300,000 tonnes equivalent.

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