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Citizen-led Water Collective Drives Action to Save 2700 Crore Litres in 2022

The World of Water (WoW) Action Forum persuades water users of the City—you and I—to be part of the solution. With simple choices to

  • Reusing water 

  • Recalibrating measuring systems.

  • Reaping the harvest of rains that can be used for 2-3 months a year 

  • Recharging water into the ground 

  • Reducing usage with simple mechanisms.


Working with WoW will help you pick the right solutions, at much better costs.


Five cities form WOW  : 

Bengaluru, Chennai, Trichy ,Hyderabad and Kathmandu have joined the WOW partner city mission.


Each city is led by a Mission Director committed to galvanizing citizens to act and adopt water solutions in their apartment, Offices, hotels and hospitals.

The ICCW (International Centre for Clean Water, The GWW (Global Water works), The Indian Plumbing Association (IPA), The IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), The PJMT (Prem Jain Memorial Trust) are partner institutions across cities. Global Water Works is hoping to find similar WOW partner cities in North, Central and South America..


Each city is driven by Mission Director who drives the city target for bulk water saving with sub-targets created, owned and driven by Action Groups for various bulk water-user segments.



The Foundation has partner institutions world-wide.

Key partners are:-

Global water works, Wisconsin, ICCW at IIT Madras, Water and waste Management at Chicago, Indian Plumbing Association, Prem Jain Memorial Trust, Indian Green Building council.

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100 crore liters

1000 crore liters

1000 crore liters




500 crore liters

100 crore liters







Sewage Site Evaluation




How the city benefits:

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WOW Bengaluru Offers Lessons & Insights 

Bengaluru adopted WOW in 2021. It’s a city rated to be among the first 5 cities as an 'extreme risk city' in the world. The city has a daily demand of 200 crore litres with only half of it supplied by the water utility. And the city is expected to double demand to 400 crore litres a day by 2030 — with no new source of water supply in sight.

Chennai has a situation as grim. See 

Rainfall patterns have changed dramatically over the past few decades. More rains in fewer days. Harvesting water will ease demand while reducing flooding risks. 
Every city needs citizen action. Relying on the water Boards cannot solve your water crisis at home or workplace. Global WOW helps you shape your solutions with localised options to grow your own water.

So, what can you and I do about it?


Target 100 LPCD

Target 100 is a voluntary effort. You and I can and should do it.
WOW expert volunteers are committed to offering expertise, free of cost.

We consume an average of 150 litres per person per day. By adopting these 4 Steps — without compromising on your comfort — we can reach 100 litres per person per day of water usage. 

Target 100 is a voluntary effort. You and I can easily do it.

WOW expert volunteers are committed to offering expertise, free of cost.


Mail us to know more.

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Step 1

Ensure Sewage Treatment Plant
is working at the optimal level. 

Contact us for help!

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Step 2

Ensure your building has a functional

Rain Water Harvesting set-up

Contact us for help!


Step 3

Install smart metres that is mandatory by law.
Saves you water!


To know more write to us !



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Masters Speak

Listen to the WOW makers 
These are water masters who explore solutions that work for you, who offer rich ideas that will save you money and enhance water security. 



In every city more than 50 to 80 percent of the total waste water discharge is from residential sector. Industrial and commercial buildings claim only the rest. 

Water supply today is for a maximum 5-6 hours in an entire week. Each home has built large tanks to store. If you worked on a simple WOW formula of harvesting and of creative application of water in different forms you’ll beat the crisis.

Action Forum Insights


Industry leaders, government officials, business leaders, apartment custodians, decision-makers in malls and tech parks, researchers in academia and media persons

are all part of the focus groups that WOW Action Forum invites. 


Global WOW has drawn much as media attention and interest.

Check this set of reports and radio interviews of WOW founders… 

Join our Action Groups

Action Group for Apartments

Every city demands about 25 percent of total water demand for apartments alone. In Bangalore or Chennai this is about 50 Cr liters a day, or over 20,000 Cr  liters a year. 

The AGA has citizen leaders members drawn from industry, consulting professionals, young students and homemakers. It’s led by a chairman and other citizen leaders with periodic review of milestones at meetings that invite members, the core WOW secretariat as well as occasional invitees from the outside.

The Group’s members have set a sub target of water saving through apartments in Bangalore. The focus is on help offered to apartments with surveys that lead to free Solution Frameworks given.

The focused areas for Apartments include:

• Implementation of Roof top & Surface Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)

• Use of Water Aerators 

• Use of STP water for Flushing & Other uses (Car wash, Gardening etc.)

• Monitoring of water consumption by fixing Water meters


WOW AF offers technical advice free of cost to water users, advises on type of solution, technology and approved Solution Providers. 

Can School be a place of hope?

Bangalore has about 18 lac children spread over nearly 5000 schools.
WOW invites faculty mentors in Sarvodaya schools, schools affiliated to boards of CBSE ICSE and SSE as well as aided Schools. 

Every school of one acre and 1000 children can save about 1 Cr litres. 
The WOW mission seeks to: Teach Adults Through Children - Involve children in implementation of solutions in school campuses; inculcate environmentally responsible behavior in children who will in turn influence parents and other adults back home to adopt these solutions. You could join the mission and act. Other WOW leaders will help.

Reach out to WOW HELPLINE for water-saving solutions:

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