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Commendation Awards

You would least expect a luxury five star hotel to reduce its demand for fresh water from 4 lac litres to as little as 8,000 litres without compromising comfort, convenience and luxury for their 5 star clients. You would be surprised that there are apartments in Bengaluru that do not get a single litre of Cauvery water, nor do they secure any borewell water from tankers, and yet they are water-sufficient. 

The WOW Commendation Ceremony is in honour of all those water users who have adopted water solutions and brought savings in money for themselves, protection of groundwater resources by reducing borewell use for the city, and savings in energy use and reduction in coal demand for the country. 

It is held every quarter by the WOW Action Forum. 

If you are such a water-user who has brought smart water solutions to your company, hotel, hospital, apartment, or IT Park, or any building that consumes water in large volumes, talk to us. The WOW Commendation Awards ceremony is in recognition of your contribution to excellence in water efficiency and to the water challenge of the nation. 

It is our privilege to confer the distinction of WOW Water Champion for 'donating' water by saving.

Every WOW Donor is honoured with the distinguished WOW Scroll of Honour. 

Watch this page, this website. For the next wow commendation ceremony in early October 2021.

As recipient of the award, you will get the opportunity to share your thoughts on your inspiring message to the city’s water users, and to the distinguished members of the wow action forum.

Tap any of these icons to listen to some of the water donor champions who have received this distinguished award in the past. They have a powerful story to tell. 


Vivek Chandra

Vijayraj Shishodiya

Chartered Beverly Hills

Malibu Pallaza

Nithin Balaji

Lakewin Sankranthi

Ideal Carlton

Klassic Benchamrk

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