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Image by Shanika Upamali

For the senior professional who wants to cut to the chase, and who needs to get under the skin of the cost and the green challenge we have Foundation G. 

It is a  compact capsule for CEOs, CXOs, and senior managers of hospitality, healthcare, educational campuses, IT parks, and such like. It is offered with 20 intense hours over 10 sessions of 90 minutes and mentoring of real life challenges on management of energy, water, waste and Air conditioning.

Foundation-G is not a Professional Development Programme. Its essence is in helping professionals think green, while unravelling solution approaches that can reduce cost financially and ecologically.

Foundation-G will transform the way you manage operating costs and improve your company's earnings. Foundation G goes beyond the technical, to the managerial and the strategic. 

Online and Interactive
These interactive online sessions are intense on understanding solutions, technologies, design approaches, and critically costs of various solution directions.

Programme Schedule 
These 10-day capsules are held twice a week over 5 weeks. 
Mail to take the conversation.

Foundation - G Realty CEO's

Foundation - G Realty CXO's

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