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Rain Water Harvesting - A Success Story

*Also in Kannada version at the end.

Nowadays, there is a water shortage in many parts of Bengaluru, and the groundwater level is constantly falling.

We are located at the Green Glen layout of Bellandur, one of Bangalore's most densely populated residential areas.

For the past seven years, Twenty-seven households have been living in this residential complex [Malibu Palazzo], and we have been facing water shortages for the past three and a half years and have relied on tanker water.

Rainwater harvesting is the anchor for us. For so many years, so many people, organizations and the government have been trying to raise awareness on Rainwater Harvesting.

However, the general public (including us) does not seem to have shaken their heads. Just as if we have plenty of water to enjoy, people have been keeping RWH on low priority. Despite its delay from our end, its success has been quick and visible. I would like to share some (surprising) things about it.

We have two tubewells (about 900 feet deep). One of which gave us about seven to eight months of water per year, and the other four months we relied on tanker water. Another tubewell had dried up more than seven years back.

Rainwater harvesting was implemented on May 1, 2019, with the cooperation of all members of our housing community, and in collaboration with Mr Vivek, of the "Nesara Rain Water Harvesting".

Our housing complex has two terraces, using rainwater harvesting from a total of thirteen thousand square feet of rooftop. We are storing water for potable purposes from 70% of the rooftop area. And the remaining 30% of the water harvested is left to the dry tubewell.

In the last year and a half, we have been getting at least 4000 litres and a maximum of 12000 litres of water from 30 minutes of rain. And we have a provision to pass excess water to the dry tubewell. This has increased the groundwater level of the active tubewell and reduced tanker water usage by about 40%.

* What is more surprising is that the tubewell that has been running dry for seven years has been reincarnated today with over 475 feet of water today. There can’t be any other happier moment than this in our success story *

Had we implemented rainwater harvesting much earlier, this success would have been achieved long back. Past can’t be rewritten, we are aware today and successful.

If naturally occurring rainwater is harvested properly, we can easily get rid of the water scarcity we face today.

Praveen Huggishettra

WOW Water Donor