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RainReach #01
February 2024

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Inspiring Children and Teachers into Water Action

RainReach : Inspiring Children and Teachers into Water Action

What is RainReach? 

Rain Reach is a program of eco-education for school-going children.

​Our Mission is Education of children through RainReach to ensure water conservation becomes a habit and solves the water problem by the next generation.  We have here in this edition - and every month — lots of picture stories to present the story that’s unfolding every month. 

Our mission is also to take Education on water for children, for adults, for technical people, in water and in technologies for treating water or harnessing water…


How can children learn how to save sensibly, how to recycle, harvest and manage the water cycle. How can we build a generation of water-wise young Indians? How can our schools and children inspire other neighbouring buildings, homes and offices. RainReach guides with constant contact and help for the children. 

We take to schools simple measures that help them understand how we need to treasure this precious liquid. As children move into their lives as adults, water will need to be entirely differently addressed.

It encourages learning-by-doing for kids of age 12-16 years with support from teachers and water industry volunteers or Water Mentors. 

We aim to reach 50 schools in Bangalore. That is a start. But that is a large and formidable initiative and will depend on how we all work together – water mentors, faculty, and children.


Check this fascinating set of pictures and caption stories... You will then want to view the videos -- helpfully subtitled -- of what teachers and students say of RainReach and our interventions... Inspiring a new way...

Jan 17 - A soft session at Prakasha Nagara Gov. High School

Mrs. Jayamma, HM of Prakasha Nagar, along with the Science teacher, Mrs. Manjulamma, introduced students to the soft session on rainwater harvesting. She provided a brief overview of AltTech Foundation, and delivered an inspiring set of ideas to the children.
Mrs. Manjulamma, the science teacher, explaining to students about rainwater harvesting.
Students of Classes 8 and 9 listen to the teacher explain the importance of water conservation and rainwater harvesting.
A student from Class 9 engages with the teacher. Questions about rainwater harvesting have been coming from many students. Their interest, we hope, will lead to action in their homes while they understand the RainReach solutions we have put into place.
Student Dikshit of Class 9 at this BBMP school in Prakash Nagar created a model of Rainwater Harvesting. The Science Teacher Smt Manjulamma explains with aid of the model to the students. The model is a simple demonstration of how rainwater is harvested. RainReach is planning to launch an Ideas Competition to invite students from all RainReach schools with Cash Awards for the top 3 best Ideas to be adjudged by a Jury of Water Leaders from AltTech Foundation.
Teacher-students engage in interaction on related topics after every such session.
Dikshit, the Class 9 student, explaining his model.

Jan 27 - Soft session at Chikkabanavara  Govt. High School

A soft session was conducted at Chikkabanavara High School, hosted by Mr. Neel Mathew, a Water Champion who in his house has not used a single litre of water from the outside. All 100% of his water need at home has come from RWH. During the session, the Physical Education teacher, Mrs. Bhagya, Social Teacher Ms Kumari and Dr. Ane also presented.
Mr. Neel Mathew presented on Rainwater Harvesting for the students, providing a demonstration on the board with graphic illustrations to enable them to understand better.
A full house of students listening enrapt – with a majority of them being girls – presents an inspiring picture of the impact that these RainReach sessions are making in BBMP Schools.
Mr Neil Mathews strikes an expressive gesture as he guides students on how they can be involved in water conservation and become responsible citizens in society.
This photo showcases how students aspire to be good citizens by contributing to society through water conservation. This show of hands from students is 100%. They all expressed their interest in joining any effort to conserve and harvest water.
The guest speaker and the students actively participate, attentively listening, engaging.
Finally, the students took an oath on Rainwater Harvesting and water conservation.

Jan 22 – Praveen Visit at Kempapura School

Mr. Praveen, an individual with several years of experience in Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) and water-related work, seen here inspecting pipes and tanks at Kempapura School

Alt. Tech Foundation is a not-for-profit, for-industry Foundation for

(i) Hosting city-wide campaigns for citizen collective action to save water & energy, 
(ii) Producing green managers and leaders

(iii) Arming and equipping schoolchildren with water practices of the future.

WOW Action Forum is a globally pioneering effort for bringing collective private action to save very large quantities of water at apartments, at Industry, at tech parks, or hotels and hospitals or malls and other such buildings. The 2021 mission is set to save 1000 Cr lites with community-led action. This alone will bring a saving of 236 Cr in electricity bills for the city, and a reduction in carbon emission of nearly 300,000 tonnes equivalent. 

WOW is a vibrant community of concerned citizens, volunteers, and supporters who share a common goal – to safeguard our precious water resources for future generations. By becoming a WOW member, you can actively participate in our initiatives, engage in meaningful discussions, and contribute to practical solutions for water-related challenges.


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a movement that can truly change the world!

Visit our website today and sign up for WOW membership :

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