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06 Edition
Oct 2021


(Here are memorable excerpts from the meeting of WOW 21)


My father had a dream in which he saw something. One plan was to get the windowed females together in order to provide them with work, such as growing and selling food or manufacturing wiring and cabling for vehicles. Second, villagers were taught how to cook with a gobar gas plant, which is made from cow dung. This was a significant stride forward for communities, and my father must have adopted a thousand villages over his lifetime.

- Sandeep Talaulicar, Managing director for Jakson Hospitality


Both sexes are respected. You reflect the recognition that an educated woman's contribution is just as significant as a man's. I saw a video in Africa a few years ago about a man who wanted to make an effect in his town so he taught all the young men chess. One of the young man's sisters went on to become the youngest chess master in the country. We have no way of knowing what a youngster will grow up to be. We don't know where they'll go if we provide them with knowledge and resources.

- Emery Smith  


I teach my students that they can make volumes at any moment. When they pass out and are swayed by individuals who claim green is not for us, they have failed. As a customer, you must follow my instructions. That is where they must be strengthened. Nobody can deny that green is good for everyone. Where small components must come together, it must go hand in hand. My pupils are taught not to design it in the same way that structures in the West are designed. Design is the process of analysing user requirements and minimising the building's footprint as much as feasible. ]

- Srilakshmi Swamy  


The hospitality business in India is the largest and uses a lot of natural resources. When people stay in hotels, they take longer showers, consuming a lot of resources. They overlook the fact that this water must be recycled and that we must utilise it responsibly. We are now making it essential to purify your own water, whether you live in a tiny town or a large metropolis. We need to raise awareness by stating that pure freshwater comes from your rivers to your home. It is our obligation to clean it up because we turned it into waste water.

- Sam Pappu  


Our power used to cost us 17 rupees during peak hours, which is exorbitant. Then there was the issue of running out of water. We had to buy tanker water for the first two years. But now I can confidently declare that the tanker is no longer required. We purchased two generator sets instead of two, one little and one large. We installed double-paned windows. The rooms offer air conditioning. The guest is not disturbed by noise pollution. On the roof, we installed a highly refractive pane that helps us limit the amount of energy that enters.On the land, we discovered a well. It was a completely dry well. We performed what we needed to do and funnelled all of the property's garbage into the well, as well as using all of the rainfall rather than letting it run off into the gutter. My neighbor's wells are also doing well currently. The sewage treatment plant receives all of the water from the kitchen, laundry, and rooms. On our site, we preserve every drop of water. For flushing and watering, we recycle all grey and black water. This was a goal of mine when it came to green construction. Jackson Inns is COI IGBC Platinum rated in its class, something I am extremely pleased of. We want to make our next building net zero after this platinum building.

- Sandeep Talaulicar, Managing director for Jakson Hospitality


These are extracts of conversations of WOW members in the Core Executive Group. Add your comments, views


Rains in Kerala

Namaskara, what's happening to Kerala. Is it raining more or some other reason.

-  BS Mamatha


Global warming has created high sea temperatures, which has resulted in high humidity and thick clouds, resulting in cloud bursts. Rain of this intensity will be unavoidable in the future as the globe heats up and no commensurate attempt to 'cool down' is being made. However, Keralam might not have suffered as much if natural disasters were less frequent. One of the stunning granites that run the length of the parking lot and beyond. These are mostly excavated from the tops of the hills, resulting in massive water catchment 'dams' on the peaks.... Two: In a densely populated state, the granites fill the entire yard around the buildings.... There is no way for water to percolate to the earth. In just 24 hours, the entire waterfall in Kerala cascades into the Arabian Sea... It's on its way to wreaking havoc and causing floods... 

-  Neel Mathews

Although the language is Malayalam, most of the technical jargon is in English.

The hills have been agitated. Valleys are densely packed with enormous houses with no natural surroundings that allow water to soak into the earth. Paddy fields that held surge water and let it trickle to the ground are no longer in use! This resulted in a flood.

Nature will have comparable experiences in every human-inhabited location. We'll have to wait and see.. Our children will be more affected than we are. We live for children,' we say, 'nature is mother,' we say, 'country is mother...' All of their comments are proven to be hypocritical by their own lifestyles. That is the heart of the matter...

-  Neel Mathews


Why not make the most of a poor circumstance, because we can't prevent similar scenarios from occurring again in the future? This is how I see it:

1 Increase the holding capacity of all Kerala rivers and rivulets by dredging them.

2 Connect the Kerala rivers with the Cauvery River, which runs through Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, to permanently alleviate their water woes.

If such out-of-the-box ideas emerge from outside the country, we Indians will gladly accept them!!! I like cloud bursts and floods, which are already happening to solve water problems in even the most rural areas, such as Rajasthan.

-  UVS Rao


New Green Laws


Air quality standards being revised.                                                              

New Green Laws proposed.

-  Dr. Hari Haran

Miracle Portable Water

Heavy rains presently lashing Yelahanka , we at Century Saras collected 50000 litres of rainwater which is used after filtration . This is just 40 minutes of rain. If all Bangaloreans resort to RWH imagine the water conservation city may become water positive!!!

-  Suresh A Pai


O P T I M I Z I N G    W A T E R    R E S O U R C E S    W I T H    R E U S E

Engineers' Day was celebrated on September 15th. Their contributions drew a lot of positive attention. Muni Rawal describes their contributions throughout the last century. Engineers found solace in the construction of large structures; mechanical engineers in the intricacies of hardware; urban planners in doughnut expansion and ring highways; and urban landscape specialists in beauty and aesthetics. Everyone took so much money out of the (soil) bank account that it was depleted.

250 years ago, Kabir Saab issued a warning. No one seemed to notice. Kabir is now recited in auditoria with large environmental footprints. And we're talking about affordability, sustainability, poverty reduction, and taking a cover of innovative technology.
So what do you think?

R S.  3   C R O R E    F U N D    B O O S T    T O    W A T E R     P R O J E C T


The allotment of Rs 3 crore by the standing committee of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is expected to expedite completion of the water supply project in Phursungi and Uruli Devachi villages The project, which was delayed because of lack of funds, is now expected to be ready by February 2022. Once completed, it would benefit over 80,000 residents of these two areas which were merged into the PMC limits four years' back. The pending work includes laying of main pipeline and water distribution lines. The project is being implemented by the Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP) as it was approved before inclusion of Phursungi and Uruli Devachi in the PMC limits.

W A T E R    A N A L Y S I S    O N    R E A L - T I M E    B A S I S

Here’s the Water analysis on a real-time basis from WOW Commendation Award winner, Century Saras on all important parameters. The system employs ultrasound sensors.


Data collected on October 23 after a rain lash shows nearly 1 lakh litres of rain water collected. The sensors sent out signals when the sump levels were nearing 80% capacity.


October month alone saw Saras apartment collecting nearly 5 lakh litres. This year a total of 8 lakh litres of rain water - equal to 20 days of consumption - have been harvested. The RWH system is at full current capacity of 8 lac litres. Two more blocks - equivalent to another 16 lac litres -are yet to be installed by the apartment. That will take rainwater use for all needs to 60 days, or nearly 17 percent of their annual need.

In addition, Saras uses rain water for recharging the borewells for better yield.

-  Suresh A Pai



The WOW Action Forum hosts Commendation Awards every quarter and bestows the                                                                        on all Big Water-Savers who save and so ‘donate’ water to the city by consuming less fresh water in the interest of making water-positive cities.



Alt. Tech Foundation is a not-for-profit, for-industry Foundation for

(i) producing sustainability managers and leaders,
(ii) providing green management skill sets,

(iii) hosting city-wide campaigns for citizen collective action to save water & energy,

(iv) purposing research for city infrastructure.

WOW Action Forum is a globally pioneering effort for bringing collective private action to save very large quantities of water at apartments, at Industry, at tech parks, or hotels and hospitals or malls and other such buildings. The 2021 mission is set to save 1000 Cr lites with community-led action. This alone will bring a saving of 236 Cr in electricity bills for the city, and a reduction in carbon emission of nearly 300,000 tonnes equivalent.

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