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Water-user Doesn’t See The Need The Way You See It

As a green solution provider your challenge:

•You are marketing a service/process/product / Technology that does not even exist as a problem in most customer’s mind.

•You are ahead of your times. You see the dire prospect of the water crisis. To the customer, questions are still around cost -- despite the returns being as high, and the investment being relatively low.

•How reliable are you as a Service Provider, is another question. 

What is WOW ASP

The WOW Accredited Solution Providers programme is focused on continuous improvement in Members’ green performance. After each completed step, Member companies are encouraged to promote them and continue the climb by selecting new activities from WOW's collection of green performance initiatives.


Objective 1

The WOW ASP certification process is entirely initiative based, so your company will receive points for each and every activity it completes. 

Objective 2

Initiatives are organized by the business area you impact. 

Objective 3

It is marked by the effort, the cost and the greening impact of the initiative. 

Objective 4

It is a simple but flexible structure. It ensures your company can easily target and implement the efforts that best suit your company’s needs and opportunities.



WOW's simple but comprehensive sustainability assessment will help your company identify and communicate efforts you have already completed, while also helping to guide and formulate a plan for future efforts. 

Celebrating achievements


Member businesses deserve the positive recognition and reward of their commitment to sustainability. So WOW ASP provides a collection of tools and opportunities for Member companies to share, differentiate and be recognized for their greening achievements with customers, prospects, partners, regulators and communities alike.

Improve Upon Your Best


The WOW ASP program is focused on continuous improvement in Members’ green performance. After each completed step, Member companies are encouraged to promote them and continue the climb by selecting new activities from WOW's collection of green performance initiatives.

Green them


ASP's greening initiatives have been developed to include best practices and step-by-step guidelines to ensure each Member’s business receives maximum benefit from each greening effort undertaken.

Prioritise and choose 


WOW ASP's makes it easy for each Member business to prioritize planned activities to maximize return. The plan becomes as unique as the business itself, laying the path to its greening opportunities and sustainability objectives.

Assurance of Reliability

•WOW Approved Solutions Providers [WOW ASP] is an independent rating from WOW Action Forum and the AltTech Foundation [Estd. 1991].

•It is aimed at offering water users the assurance of quality solutions, from providers who are high on integrity-competence. 

Why You Should Adopt WOW ASP Accreditation

  1. The Parameters-based Assessment of your Company. The link here is an elaborate questionnaire that will need attention from you or your senior management. It helps the evaluation process which leads to certifying your company’s Accreditation. The date you provide will constitute the basis for objective evaluation and assessment. The process from our expert assessors will lead to your company becoming a WOW Accredited Solutions Provider. 

  2. Your green solutions company’s various parameters of performance are examined with a rigorous assessment to the high benchmarks of evaluation that the WOW Tech Advisory Board of Expert Assessors brings to the process. There are six categories of Solution Providers that the WOW ASP Evaluation targets – [1] Rainwater harvest, [2] IOT meters, [3] STPs and Waste Water Treatment, [4] RO Reject water conditioners, [5] Aerators, [6] Watershed/Surface Water Management specialists. 

  3. WOW's Assurance to Water Users. WOW ASP gives the institutional or individual customer the assurance that in the event of any failure from a WOW ASP member-company, users have recourse to the WOW Redressal Cell in the extreme event of any defaults in performance. We serve as a support system for the client and for your company

  4. Why should you be a WOW ASP member? It helps water users to understand the solutions you provide, compare your features and strengths with those others who are also part of the Directory of WOW ASPs, and those others who are not part of WOW ASP at all. This helps decision making. This also ensures that prospects who we are reaching out to, call you on their own to generate enquiries with your company.

  5. WOW ASP offers water users the benefit of making an informed choice, and decision. It offers you, as a WOW ASP member, the benefit of being recognised as a company of professionals who signify reliability and trust.

  6. WOW ASP will help expand the market, with more bulk water users adopting solutions that you and other Accredited Service Providers. The green footprint of the city will be enlarged, with accelerated solutions adoption.

ASP Process Flow Chart

Acceptance of proposal for adopting WOW ASP certification

WOW Facilitation in identifying product / product range for certification [AltTech Research collaborates]

Accreditation of product / process / service / technology for certification)

Submission of first documentation by manufacturer (Based on Questionnaire Survey)

Evaluation of documentation by WOW Technical Assessors

Release of preliminary assessment report

Final documentation from WOW along with clarifications sought by ASP

Final evaluation of documentation and recommendation to WOW Tech Advisory Board [TAB]

Award of Certification by WOW TAB, Hosting on WOW website, SM WOW campaigns, Updates on Tech Upgrades, on positioning as a Mission and not as a product.

Two Step Engagement Process

Step #1. Entry Fee for Participation and for conducting the Full Assessment with all details required by the WOW ASP Questionnaire.

Step #2. Accreditation Fee on Successful Acceptance by Jury of the Assessment of the WOW ASP rating.

Step #3. Rating by the WOW TAB expert members will be at three levels of rating.

Step #4. In the extreme event of an entry from an applicant not meeting the Expert Board’s assessment, the Accreditation Fee will not be required, and the application will be retired for the applicant-company. 

Fee Structure for WOW ASP Accreditation

WOW ASP The Offering-final.jpg
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