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29 Edition
August 2023

Water Voices is back!

After a brief hiatus, we are delighted to announce the return of Water Voices, your monthly source of news and updates on the AltTech cause. Over the past few months, significant changes have unfolded, and we have taken great care to present this edition in a way that resonates with the good sense and sensibility of our valued readers – concerned citizens, dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and potential supporters.

Upcoming Events-WOW AF meetings in August 2023

4th August- TechTalk #34
Worldclass Technologies - Jal Jeevan Mission

-By Fredrick Royan, Global Practice Leader - Frost & Sullivan


10th August-WOW Hyderabad #9 

Sponge Cities – Can they solve urban flooding

-By Mr. Surya Jeedigunta – CEO, 3P Foundation


17th August-WOW National #8     

Talk by eminent personality on Water issues


24th August-WOW Bangalore #55 

Digitization - A story of how a billion litres are saved

-By Mr. Sajin.

Our mission is to keep you informed and engaged in the vital efforts surrounding the AltTech cause. In this edition, we bring you compelling stories, inspiring initiatives, and the impact of your contributions. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and address the water-related challenges that lie ahead.

Hear it from Dr. Vasudevan ‘Raj’ Rajaram

We are privileged to share an inspiring message from Dr. Vasudevan 'Raj' Rajaram, a guiding force behind AltTech's three critical initiatives - Water Advocacy [WOW Action Forum], Education [Foundation Green], and RainReach [Water Literacy with action for school children]. Dr. Rajaram, based in Chicago, embodies profound values that align seamlessly with AltTech's mission and purpose.


In a recent exchange, Dr. Rajaram said, “The word "Andolan" is something I have been thinking about since 2006

when I held a 2-day Water Summit in Chicago, bringing in water leaders from India and the US.I feel all of us are making an impact, however small, with our work. Some in the hotel industry, AltTech in schools and at the WOW Action Forums across India's cities, me with my writing of books centred around the message to students. 

However, we need a lot more people involved to make this an 'Andolan'. I feel the corporate sector has a major voice through powerful organizations like the IGBC, IPA, CREDAI,FICCI, and such others.  How do we get them to take leadership on the Water issue? Can they support Public Service messages and campaigns that reach ordinary citizens in various languages?  Can they set an example by reaching out to the younger generation in schools and colleges? Can they influence the government at all levels? With our collective network of resource leaders in industry, we can accomplish this. Gradually, we can get spiritual leaders and such others to spread the message through their networks. 

This is my hope. And I will never give up trying! 


Dr. Rajaram warmly invites your contributions to this discourse. He welcomes your insights and ideas, and encourages you to reach out to him at He firmly believes that each one of you, with your connections in industry or civil society, can be instrumental in driving this movement. Together, we can also seek support from spiritual leaders and other networks to amplify our message.


Dr. Rajaram's unyielding hope and determination underscore the essence of AltTech's purpose - creating a sustainable future for all through collective action.


- Dr. Raj Rajaram

A WOW Leader Says

“We are in an era of atmospheric rivers. They will take back all their flood plains no matter what”.

Watch Now: Leaders' Perspectives on Sustainability - Key Highlights from Our Meetings

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RainReach: Nurturing Young Minds Through Hands-On Learning

In the spirit of education's transformative power, let us not forget the profound impact of ‘a book, a pen, a child, and a teacher’ - a combination that can change the world.

On 22/06/2023, Madhu Sudan, a dedicated RainReach consultant, took the stage at Konanakunte Government School in Bangalore.

His mission: To impart essential knowledge about RainReach to the young minds present.

Our team taking measurements at a school before planning the rainwater harvesting systems.

One of the schools where we are implementing the RainReach programme.

RainReach, an eco-teaching program, focuses on nurturing students aged 9-15 through hands-on experiences. Supported by teachers and water industry volunteers, or Water Mentors, AltTech brings simple measures to schools to instill an understanding of the preciousness of water.

At its core, RainReach consists of four hardware components:

1. Installation of a rainwater harvest (RWH) system with a filtration setup, providing safe and high-hygiene drinking water from rainwater.

2. A net zero sanitation system that treats and reuses all gray water, black water, and urine within the school campus.

3. A rain gauge weather station to teach children how to measure rainfall, data-log, and comprehend its correlation to harvested rainwater.

4. A digital flow meter for capturing and sharing data on water harvested, fostering collaboration among students, teachers, and citizens across the city.

As RainReach takes its inaugural steps in four government schools in Bengaluru, it aims to educate 40,000 schoolchildren about the crucial connection between rains, rooftops, and water harvesting.

RainReach encompasses seven software components:

1. Mobilizing water volunteers or mentors on one Saturday per month.

2. Regular interactions between water experts, teachers, and children through offline and online gatherings to discuss captured rainwater, rainfall patterns, conservation measures, and their impact on parents' families.

3. Conducting neighborhood surveys on water use patterns, led by senior school children in engaging campaigns.

4. Launching neighborhood campaigns to accelerate water practices adoption by presenting energy and carbon savings metrics, promoting long-term water security.

5. Involving partner schools from Bangalore, other Indian cities, and diverse cultures to broaden horizons and sensitize children to Earth's concerns.

6. Encouraging hands-on learning for students through hardware installations at the school, empowering them to lead and maintain systems, understand water requirements, storage methods, and distribution.

7. Fostering knowledge about the environmental impact of borewells, rainfall-water usage equations, and promoting sensible water sourcing, storage, distribution, and recycling practices.

RainReach is an inspiring initiative that nurtures young hearts and minds to become responsible stewards of water and the environment. Through experiential learning, children develop a profound appreciation for water's importance and its sustainable management.

Highlights of our July meetings

Dr. MB Athreya: An Eminent Management Guru Emphasizes "Water Dharma"


The distinguished Dr. MB Athreya, a revered figure in the field of management, has emphasized the utmost importance of "Water Dharma." According to his teachings, every individual and corporation must embrace and adhere to this sacred principle.


Water Dharma serves as a guiding philosophy that calls for responsible and ethical water practices in both personal and corporate realms. As we navigate the challenges of water scarcity and environmental sustainability, Dr. MB Athreya's teachings inspire us to be conscientious stewards of this invaluable resource.

Dr. Kiran and Team Pioneering Innovative Water Solutions to Tackle the Looming Water Crisis


Dr. Kiran and his esteemed team have embarked on a transformative mission to address the impending water crisis. Their groundbreaking efforts have led to innovative water solutions being implemented in the remote tribal areas of Visakhapatnam forest regions.


One such remarkable achievement is the supply of water to a tribal farm from a distance of 3 kilometers using gravity-based techniques. This endeavor showcases the team's ingenuity and commitment to finding sustainable water solutions even in the most challenging and secluded locations.


Dr. Kiran and his team's relentless dedication to alleviating the water crisis serves as a beacon of hope for communities facing water scarcity. Their pioneering work exemplifies the positive impact that thoughtful and resourceful initiatives can have on mitigating water-related challenges.


- Water Proficiency

- Water Expert

- Climate Change & Environment

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Alt. Tech Foundation is a not-for-profit, for-industry Foundation for

(i) producing sustainability managers and leaders,
(ii) providing green management skill sets,

(iii) hosting city-wide campaigns for citizen collective action to save water & energy,

(iv) purposing research for city infrastructure.

WOW Action Forum is a globally pioneering effort for bringing collective private action to save very large quantities of water at apartments, at Industry, at tech parks, or hotels and hospitals or malls and other such buildings. The 2021 mission is set to save 1000 Cr lites with community-led action. This alone will bring a saving of 236 Cr in electricity bills for the city, and a reduction in carbon emission of nearly 300,000 tonnes equivalent. 

WOW is a vibrant community of concerned citizens, volunteers, and supporters who share a common goal – to safeguard our precious water resources for future generations. By becoming a WOW member, you can actively participate in our initiatives, engage in meaningful discussions, and contribute to practical solutions for water-related challenges.


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a movement that can truly change the world!

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