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Edition #30
September 2023

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Hear it from the Water Mentor, Dr Raval

WATER- a universal solvent and a constant-mass at the same time since the birth of the planet. Neither a drop added nor reduced- a form representing "Dhruva", a constant, unchanging, the divine.


Its 4th form, protonated water, represents a constantly changing phase that meets energy demand of all life on this planet. Early life recognized this force nearly 3.5 billion years ago. Mankind is learning to use that energy called 'proton' now.

As engines of growth, cities are "a fluid architecture" meeting constant changing demands of human life. On the other hand, urban Infrastructure is a frozen fluid. Consequences are expressed through water. Its conservation (including dams) is unnecessary if we understand it, if not nothing else matters, says Sandra Postal, of the Global Water Policy Report.

Need-greed-energy-nexus is further compounded by our lack of understanding of natural resources, with simply no solution for recovery of soil, rivers, and biodiversity in sight. Let us not stretch Nature beyond her threshold. In this time of wars and battles. We all know that we can never win a war against Nature.


It is overwhelming to find sessions on the WOW platform that provide a look at the other-than-direct water-sector to understand energy, sewage, and irrigation practices in a way that helps us learn sustainable development. I am privileged, dear reader, to be amid such a fantastic blend of youth and experienced members. Many learned guests enhance the fragrance.


This edition offers a feast of videos and a celebration of the work RainReach is doing across schools in Bangalore.
Join the movement. Share with friends. With kids. With other thinking citizens. Make the world of water a cause you’ll pursue as much as you enjoy it.


- Dr Upendra 'Muni' Raval

Make World of Water Your Cause!

Water Voices September 2023 is here. This is your monthly source of news and updates.. The edition should be of interest to you. Send us your thoughts... We need to learn from you in a way that resonates with the good sense and sensibility of all our valued readers – concerned citizens, dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and potential supporters.

Upcoming Events-WOW AF meetings in September 2023

1st September- WOW #137 Global
One Million Wells

-By Russell Crawford, Patents for Humanity Award winner


7th September- WOW #138 Israel
Unique water Innovations

-Listen to a leader from Israel presenting.


14th September- WOW #139 National  
On Reducing India's Green Water Footprint

-By Romiel Samuel


21th September - WOW #140 Chennai
Sponge Cities and How-to's

- By Ramkumar, an IITM alumnus and former Exec Director of IOC

Our mission is to keep you informed and engaged in the vital efforts surrounding the AltTech cause. In this edition, we bring you compelling stories, inspiring initiatives, and the impact of your contributions. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and address the water-related challenges that lie ahead.

Rich Insights From Water Leaders

Watch Now: Key Highlights from August WOW Meetings

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1.   Jal Jeevan Mission - World's Largest Smart Water Grid  | Fredrick Royan

2.  Jal Jeevan Mission - Smart Water Solutions | Fredrick Royan

3.  Smart Water Metering for Cities | Fredrick Royan

4. Disruptive Solutions in Water Networks  | KS Gopal 

5.  The Politics of Tankers | G Ramkumar 

WOW Hyderabad #08.jpg

1.   Sponge Cities and Its Importance  | Surya Jeedigunta

2.   Lets Build Sponge Cities Not Concrete Buildings  | Surya Jeedigunta

3.   Bio Retention Swale and Green Buildings  | Surya Jeedigunta

4.   States Encroachment of Small Water Bodies | Surya Jeedigunta

1.   Urban River Revival | Shailaja Deshpande

2.   Urban Rivers - Create a Climate Resilient | Shailaja Deshpande

3.   Journey of Water to Waste Water | Shailaja Deshpande

4.   On Ground Engagement Program and Civil Engagement | Shailaja Deshpande

5.   Urban River Front is the Bad Practice | Upendra Raval

6.   Urban Cities are the Biggest Polluters | Shailaja Deshpande and KS Gopal

WOW Bengaluru #55 - 136.jpg

Inspiring Children Into Water Action

This is a total of 3400 school children. The senior classes -- age 14-16 in Grades 8, 9 and 10 -- are the prime target for the RainReach Literacy Programme.

Recent pictures of activities at 7 schools that RainReach is running :


RainReach Project Officer S Mahesh Conducting Water Literacy Session on 17 Aug at Government School, Kempapura, North Bangalore


RainReach Project Officer Mahesh at a Water Literacy Session on 17 Aug at the Kempapura School.

Posters for the sessions… Here is the English Version. There is one made in Kannada also for the RainReach Student Sessions.


Banner for Water Literacy Event at Jakkur School


Poster for Water Literacy Event at Jakkur School


RainReach Project Officer explaining to students the Importance of water at Jakkur School Event


HeadMaster of the Jakkur School presenting a powerful story on the importance of protecting lakes

  • Video Link of Students Taking A Pledge at Jakkur School on Conserving Water 

  • Head Master of Jakkur School Giving A Brilliant Speech on the Importance of Conserving Water  | K Hanumanthappa

  • Senior Teacher Mrs. Vijaya Bhatt at Jakkur on RainReach Work

Solutioning RainReach Water Harvest at Jakkur. Flow sequence Chart of Rainwater Harvesting At Agrahara High School Bangalore


Flow sequence Chart of Rainwater Harvesting At Agrahara High School Bangalore

Part 1. New Partner Institutions Joins the RainReach Mission

Learning Links Foundation. CareWorks [Quess] Foundation. Reaching Hands are already RainReach partners.

The Karnataka State Council for Science & Technolgy, and such other technical partners are advising execution. JNAFAU, Hyderabad has come on board for creating and execution of drawings where needed.

Starting August 2023, we have Indus Water Institute, Mumbai, also as a key partner for RainReach. IWI is part of the Bombay Stock Exchange. The IWI Team is hoping to raise donor funds, and identify schools for RainReach, while AltTech team will continue to craft solutions for every school, sequence and draw the flow charts and water distribution layouts for every school and drive / direct the execution. Director Romiel Samuel is an active advocate of the RainReach Programme.

Part 2. Key Highlights of July-Aug Work are –

Identifying Water Mentors who can go to other schools. One excellent Water Mentor, HeadMaster of the School at Agrahara, North Bangalore, has a talent for connecting with children, have them listen, and drive home the message,” says Vijay Kanda. More Water Mentors are joining the RainReach Mission. Training for them will be conducted by the Core AltTech Team headed by Vijay Kanda and with RainReach Project Officer, S Mahesh, as well as Environment Planner, Tejaswi Gowda.

Part 3. Seven Schools now being Addressed by RainReach

1. Abbigere. BEL area. 600 children.


Students Measuring the Rooftop area for RWH at Abbigere School, Bangalore


Camera-conscious Students Using hand wash Basin at Abbigere School, Bangalore. Over 55% of children in these schools are girls… All Govt schools are Co-Ed Schools.

2. Kempapura. Near Hebbal. 450 children.


Students Measuring for RWH at Kempapura School, Bangalore


Students using hand wash at Kempapura School, Bangalore. RainReach is ensuring every school has non-potable water for washing, and Potable Grade Water with Purifier systems for offering safe, clean drinking water.

3. Jakkur School. near Yelahanka. 400 children.


RainReach Programme at Jakkur School, Bangalore


RO Plant Replacement at Jakkur School, Bangalore


RO Plant Maintenance at Agrahara School, Bangalore

4. Agrahara School. Near Kogilu. 400 children


RO Plant at Agrahara School, Bangalore. The RO Reject Water is not wasted. It is mixed with regular water and used for Hand Wash separately


Wash Basin at Agrahara School. RainReach ensures every tap has Aerators /Restrictors to reduce flow of water without discomfort. Faucets are replaced where necessary.


Students Using Wash Basin at Agrahara School. Mid August saw a host of solutions from RainReach. Aerators / Restrictors for faucets, RO Filtration revamp; RWH installation for harvesting 60% of all annual water needs.

5. Malleswaram school. 600 children.


Students Measuring for RWH at Malleswaram School, Bangalore


Students Measuring for RWH at Malleswaram School, Bangalore

6. Vidyaranyapura School. 550 children.


School building Construction work progress at Vidyaranyapura School, Bangalore


School building Construction work progress at Vidyaranyapura School. The RWH work is set to commence in September after the roofing work for this new block at the school is complete.

7. Prakash Nagar Govt School in North Bangalore. 400 children.


RWH Work Progress at Prakash Nagar School, Bangalore

All of the above schools are currently being addressed. This is a total of 3400 school children. The senior classes -- age 14-16 in Grades 8, 9 and 10 -- are the prime target for the RainReach Literacy Programme.

Part 4. The Nature of Solutions We Offer to Schools from RainReach Team

The RainReach Programme originally envisaged the capture of rainwater to reduce reliance on deep groundwater…

All these govt schools in Bangalore do not have grid supply from the Water Utility and are 100% dependent on borewells.

The Situation Report from every school over the last month and more shows the following challenges—

  1. The Borewell pumps are old and need repairs and fixing and maintenance and the school faculty are requesting our team to take care of those. We have.


Borewell at Jakkur School.


Another Pic of Jakkur School Borewell

​2. Water Purification system – largely RO systems – need maintenance, and repairs in some schools where the system is dysfunctional.


RO Plant at Agrahara School 


August also saw maintenance and repairs being carried out at both the treatment facilities at these schools. Safe drinking water is a primary concern for the Schools and for RainReach.

​​3. The storage tanks at the ground level [called ‘sump tanks’] and the Overhead Tanks [OHTs] need cleaning and basic maintenance.


​​Overhead Tanks at Abbigere School. Typically there is 14-15 Kilolitres of storage between Overhead tanks and the ground level tanks in these schools. RainReach is designed to ensure that this capacity also helps to store Rainwater in the non-rain months with a combination of Dug or Open wells.

4. ll the taps/faucets for washing or for drinking need water-efficient fixtures. Aerators and restrictors are to be installed in August by RainReach.


Washbasin at Kempapura.

5. Every outlet from Overhead Tanks for use by schoolchildren at the taps need digital meters to measure flow and map daily consumption. Work is in progress.

6. The Rainwater capture has to be measured at the inlet to storage tanks so there is proof of performance of the Rainwater Harvest installations we are installing. These need digital meters with real-time data that the Head Master and the RainReach Officer secures regularly, on an hourly basis

7. The drinking water counters at the school need real-time monitor of the quality of water for 3 critical counts – pH value, TDS and TBC [Total Bacterial Control]. RainReach is also planning to install in every school such meters.


Students Drinking RO Water at Kempapura School.

Structuring Solutions for Schools, the RainReach Way

The nature of structuring the solution for each school varies depending on

  [a] the area of rooftops,

  [b] distance from the rooftop to the storage tank,

  [c] the type of water purifier currently available,

  [d] the quality of taps/ faucets in operation, and

  [e] the need for separating drinking water needs and hand-wash / toilet water needs in a way that quality of water is superior for drinking water…

The Flow Chart Sequence [illustrated here] therefore needs careful planning for every school. The Flow Chart here of Jakkur School is an example of the initial Analysis before solutioning.




Flow sequence Chart of Rainwater Harvesting at Agrahara High School

Part 5. Kids Contact Sessions at Jakkur and Agrahara...

Learnings from the Sessions with kids... Team RainReach headed by Vijay Kanda visited the schools and had extensive interactions with the faculty, the HeadMaster and the students.

Vijay Kanda observes, “Most children say they fall ill at least twice a year thanks to poor water quality They get water for 3 hours and twice or once a week in most of their homes if they have piped supply. Fifty percent of them don't have taps at home and rely on water from public taps.

“Dirty water. Brown water. No water. This is the story that characterises lives at home of many schoolchildren. 1 Handpump or borewell for 30-50 homes is largely the situation in homes of these children. Girls face more challenges than boys... Hauling water from public taps and boiling water for every use at home. Cost of kitchen fuel is higher for most of these homes.”

Says Kanda, the RainReach focus going forward is on 3 things.

  [a] embedding in children the Idea of One Water and show them how waste water is the biggest future resource for  drinking water.

  [b] Measuring and digitally monitoring is key to smart managing, and

  [c] Purifying water with simple low-cost systems and digitally mapping pH, TDS and TSS for all drinking water.



RO Plant overhaul being carried out… This system was in disuse for the last six months. RainReach moved in. Here is what the Senior Faculty at the School had to say…

Part 6. Delhi High Court Order on RainWater Harvesting reads like the RainReach Mission Objectives!

The Aug 16 Order of a Division Bench CHANDRA SHARMA, CHIEF JUSTICE, HIGH COURT OF DELHI and JUSTICE SANJEEV NARULA reads almost as though they are RainReach ambassadors! They are vocal, clear and stating the Mission Objectives of RainReach in way that we hope Governments everywhere are listening… A report.

The “unprecedented recent weather events” suggest rainwater harvesting should be seamlessly integrated into Delhi's climate resilience planning, said the division bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Sanjeev Narula, in its order of Aug 16, 2023.

“… The evolving landscape of Delhi, where urbanisation and climate change intersect, amplifies the urgency of water conservation. The unwavering commitment of authorities is thus imperative. Rainwater harvesting should be seamlessly integrated into the city’s climate resilience planning.

"The relevance of proactively anticipating and preparing for extreme weather events, which are becoming increasingly commonplace due to climate change”, is heightened.

The authorities must continually explore innovative strategies and proactively confront emerging challenges. A persistent focus on educating the public and resident welfare associations about the advantages of rainwater harvesting, along with practical implementation guidance, can lead to a shift towards sustainable water practices.

Municipal Corporations and Development Authorities must periodically review empirical data on implementation of rainwater harvesting measures to ascertain whether their efforts are producing tangible results and take corrective measures if required.

The combined efforts of Water Boards and government authorities where they have installed rainwater harvesting systems across both private and public structures, along with reinvigoration of water bodies, must be appreciated and recognised.

“The development of manuals by CGWB and CPWD, offering guidance on artificial groundwater recharge structures and enabling individuals to seek necessary approvals, also represents a valuable step forward. The inclusion of rainwater harvesting mandates within building byelaws further underscores the commitment to water conservation. The Water Board’s introduction of water tariff rebates as incentives for rainwater harvesting and wastewater recycling systems should serve as demonstration of their commitment to the cause,” the Delhi High Court said.

Civic agencies and municipal corporations which are responsible for approving building plans should take on the role of ensuring adherence to these mandatory provisions. The court observed that the urgency of water conservation has never been more paramount than in the present “dynamic urban landscapes”.

“Urbanisation, characterised by sprawling constructions, impermeable surfaces, and increased water consumption, strains existing water sources, leading to concerns about scarcity and depletion. In this context, the significance of rainwater harvesting as a viable solution cannot be overstated. By harnessing rainwater, which would otherwise go underutilised or contribute to flooding, cities can augment their water supply, alleviate stress on conventional sources, and mitigate the environmental repercussions of urban expansion,” the HC bench said.



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