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Edition #31
October 2023

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Hear it from the Water Mentor, Usha Kini

We Don’t Have to Count Every Drop …. 

I’m sharing a few significant insights that I have gathered as Core Member of World of Water Action Forum over the last couple of years. I gathered these insights thanks to the opportunity I had for multiple, varied and valuable interactions with water experts and mentors. I say significant because these insights can make a huge difference in each one of our lives. Each one of us is a water user and our very existence depends on this valuable resource. 

Every drop of water counts…for sure! But what I also learnt is that we needn’t count every drop of water that we consume. The point I’m making is that the focus has to be on smart and efficient management of our water resources , on water solutions rather than on water problems. By adopting these solutions we can drastically cut down our demand on fresh water. This effectively means that we can enjoy all our water related comforts and conveniences without making any compromises.

What are these magical solutions? Broadly speaking there are four..
Rain water harvesting, water recycling and reuse, installation of water meters and use of aerators. Each one of these solutions has a significant role to play in bringing down our usage of fresh water.
WOW Action Forum empowers and enables water users particularly bulk water users in adapting these solutions. They are readily available, tried and tested for their efficiency and are cost effective. They work like magic if implemented in the right way. 
Why then does the water crisis still loom large? It is not for want of water solutions but for lack of accepting and implementing these solutions. The challenge therefore is not with water technology, it is to do with human psychology! 
One does not need to be a scientist, a water technologist or a businessman to take on the water crisis. Each one of us as a water user can and should shift our roles from being a part of the problem to being a part of the solution.


- Usha Kini

Make World of Water Your Cause!

Water Voices October 2023 is here. This is your monthly source of news and updates on all things at AltTech.. Send us your thoughts? We need to learn from you in a way that resonates with the good sense and sensibility of all  readers – concerned citizens, dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and potential supporters.

Your Calendar of WOW AF meetings in October 2023

19th October- WOW #142 Hyderabad




26th October - WOW #143 Bengaluru

Water Voices keeps you informed and engaged on the lively conversations at WOW Action Forum, and the inspiring effort at RainReach in schools for the underrepresented. This edition brings you compelling stories, excellent initiatives, and the impact of your contributions. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and address the water-related challenges that lie ahead.

Rich Insights From Water Leaders

Watch Now: Key Highlights from September WOW Meetings

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WOW #137 Global.jpg

1.  One Million Wells - Training and Education  | Russell Crawford

2.  Drilling Inventions and Innovations | Russell Crawford

3.  Why One Million Wells is the Best way to Save Life | Russell Crawford

4. Drilling Open Wells in a Cost-Effective Way | Raj Rajaram & Russell

5. Drilling Open Wells is a tradition in India | Upendra Raval & Ramkumar

1. WOW Israel #138.jpg

1.  Showcasing Water Smart Tech From Israel | Abraham Yehuda

2.   Agri Education and Training for Indians in Israel | Abraham Yehuda

3.   Water Regulatory Authority in Israel | Abraham Yehuda

4.   The amount of Users can be increased by Demonstration | Romiel Samuel

5.  Infinite Vigilance is the Price of Water | Upendra Raval

WOW National #09.jpg

1.   Celebrate the Joys of Water with Dance | Dr. Padmaja Suresh

2.   Balancing With Matsya, Karma and Jala Mudra | Dr. Padmaja Suresh

3.   Nava Rasa Ashtakam | Dr. Padmaja Suresh

4.   Hydrogen Cannot Bring down Without Gravity | Upendra Raval

5.   Science and Dance are both Interconnected | KS Gopal

WOW Chennai #28 #140.jpg

1.   Rainwater Harvesting Made Simple | G Ramkumar

2.   Harvesting Rainwater Implementations | G Ramkumar

3.   Some Common Inefficient Practices| G Ramkumar

4.  How can we Control Evaporation Loss in a Open Pond | KS Gopal & G Ramkumar

5.   Rainwater Harvesting Reduces the Salinity in Water | E Nandakumar & Prakash Jain

RainReach Inspires Children and Teachers into Water Action

Check this fascinating set of pictures and caption stories... You will then want to view the videos -- helpfully subtitled -- of what teachers and students say of RainReach and our interventions... Inspiring a new way...

September 01, 2023


Headmaster Hanumanthappa, of Jakkur School, in discusssion with RainReach Project Officer, Mahesh on connecting the public borewell to the School’s underground tank for enhancing water availability for children.


Jakkur School HM offering a signed letter of approval to complete pipeline infrastructure works from the public borewell on the school's campus to the Underground tank that caters to water needs of the 400 schoolchildren here.


As part of diligence at the RainReach Programme, every activity proposed by AltTech Foundation for any school is supported by formal letters of consent from the school in question. Here is a model letter of such sanction.

September 02 - 05, 2023


RainReach technician installing pipes at the Agrahara School for rainwater harvesting of one of the buildings. While the drawings and strategy is laid out by the core team at AltTech foundation, the execution is typically encouraged to be taken up by trained water technicians. AltTech is creating an ecosystem of opportunity for young professionals in such Water harvest practices. 


Pipe laying in progress at Agrahara. This system reduces uncertainty of water supply for the school. There have been many days when water supply from the existing borewell has not met the school’s water need and led to minor crisis of water scarcity… This additional line, and the Rooftop harvesting at the school ensures that Water Availability is no longer a challenge at the campus.


Another picture of the piping infrastructure work carried out in late Aug and September.


The buried pipelines with backfill is now set to help draw water from the other well of the BBMP.


At the Agrahara School .. Here the Rainwater harvesting system work when it was commenced some time in late Aug and early September. The work is complete and the Rooftop harvest system is set to be commissioned.


Installation of Rainwater Filter at Agrahara School [on the right corner of the external wall of the building.. Rainwater filters have a key role. Rainwater from the skies is much like distilled water, and needs to be re-mineralised. Further, rainwater in places like Bangalore that are at a higher altitude typically is acidic [pH value of 5.5 to 5.8]. To ensure children get clean as well as safe drinking water, RainReach also installs RO or UV or Ozonization filtration systems.


Installation of Rainwater Pipes in progress at Agrahara School


The Rainwater Filter installed at another school. The cheerful graffiti on the school walls is part of work another organisation has been steering.

September 06, 2023


The Head Master of Yeshwantpur Govt. School, in conversation. RainReach is chalking up schedules for commencement of work at this school in Oct-Nov 2023.


Rooftop area for Rainwater Harvesting at the BBMP school at Yeshwantpur. Typically every 1000 Sft of such terrace areas helps us to harvest 100,000 litres if the region gets an average of 1-1.2 m. of annual rainfall.

September 08, 2023


Head Master of Karnataka Public School, Jalahalli [right] and a senior faculty [left] seen here with the RainReach Officer.


An external view of the Karnataka Public School at Jalahalli. The school hosts 390 students, and has 5000 Sft of terrace areas.. RainReach will take up this school in the next few weeks. Target Harvest every year: 5 lakh Litres against the total annual water requirement at the school of an estimated 12 lac litres. RainReach solutions on water-efficient taps and digital metres will further reduce the yearly water need by 4 million litres. That is 70% of the total water consumption of today!


One wing of the school at Jalahalli where some extensive building construction work is in Progress. RainReach programme will include harvesting water from these terraces areas, too.

September 15, 2023


Head Mistress of School, Mrs Seema Kulkarni, speaking on Rainwater Harvesting at one of the RainReach Sensitisation Programmes at Agrahara government school to Bangalore's north. Others present are faculty member, water experts implementing the RainReach programme and other AltTech Foundation officials.


Students attending a RainReach Software Programme at Agrahara Govt. School. RainReach hopes to have about 50 such programmes in the 12 months ahead.. The programmes so far conducted at all schools where the hardware elements of Rainwater Harvest are complete, has seen curiosity, enthusiasm, and interest in taking the message back home and to their neighbourhoods. Children see the value of such harvesting.


AltTech’s Vijay Kanda talking on the importance of Rainwater Harvesting at a Programme, this time at Agrahara Govt. School. To his right is Tejaswi, an Environment Planner at AltTech.


Kannada Teacher Dinesh talking on the importance of Rainwater Harvesting.... The Lady Faculty members [from R to L] are : Kavitha MC, Mrs Seema Kulkarni , Mahesh, Vijay Kanda, Tejaswi [all 3 from RainReach], and Praveen who is implementing the solutions.


Science Teacher Kavitha MC talking on importance of Rainwater Harvesting. Agrahara Govt. School.


Rainwater Entrepreneur Praveen talking on importance of water, while the Kannada Teacher Mr. Dinesh [extreme left] listens.


Another view of students paying attention to the teachers and water experts. At Agrahara.


AltTech’s Vijay Kanda shares a lighter moment with Students. Typically the schools of BBMP are home to 400 to 1000 children from Class 4 to Class 10.


Students sharing their experience at home and in their villages. HM Hanumanthappa explains. Many of the children come from districts where domestic water is hauled distances of 6-7 km for home needs. Piped water supply is a distant dream for many in this generation.


AltTech’s Tejaswi looks on as a young girl speaks to the camera of what water means to her at home, and at school. Many of these kids have taken a solemn Water Pledge part of which is a commitment to take the message back home and to their neighbourhoods, of harvesting and reducing dependence on tankers and borewells.


A unique feature of Rainreach at every school is the Water Pledge the Teachers and the children take… The Pledge is repeated every month, at every such Contact Programme that RainReach holds. The impact is immense… it leaves an indelible impression on these formative young minds.

September 20, 2023


RainReach volunteers helping to clean the roof of litter. Maintenance of rooftops, and of the rainfilter systems with basic monthly clean-ups is a vital function. Most such projects suffer for want of maintenance across India.


Getting Students to lead the effort at maintaining Rain-filters first needs them to understand the why and how of rainwater harvest. Kids at this school first learn and then enable other students in their classes to understand and to participate.

September 29, 2023


The  headmaster of the school at Jakkur explains to a young NGO leader from Kenya, Elizabeth Jumah, the programmes he leads for free food for kids, healthcare programmes and many other activities that motivate children to enjoy being at school. Elizabeth was overcome with awe: "There is s-oo much that this school is doing as learning beyond the curriculum. Their work on inspiring Net Zero Water practices with RainReach is awesome."


Elizabeth posting a picture a Government School during her visit to Bangalore, as part of an India Yatra that took her to Hyderabad, Ranchi and Delhi. The Soft roof in the background harvests over 400,000 litres of water every year for the school. Note the rainwater down pipes on the left column of the structure and the right, with a rain-filter that then drives the treated water to the storage tanks.

Videos of Faculties speaking on Rainwater Harvesting during Software Training Programme Conducted at Agrahara Govt. School on September 15,2023

1. Welcome Speech |  Kannada Teacher | Dinesh

2.  Rainwater Harvesting Speech | Science Teacher | MC Kavitha

3.  Rainwater Harvesting Speech | Head Mistress | Seema Kulkarni

4.  Rainwater Harvesting Speech | Part 2 | Science Teacher |  MC Kavitha

5.  Pledge | Agrahara School Students

6.  Student Interview on Rainwater Harvesting | Hemanth CR

7.  Student Interview on Rainwater Harvesting | Anitha


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