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Edition #32
November 2023

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Hear it from the Water Mentor, E Nandakumar

Engaging Actively Helps...

Let me talk to you of the WOW Action Forum. What is it bringing as impact? It brings stakeholders together at regular intervals, promotes cross-fertilization of ideas, issues and solutions, Creates curated videos that expand the reach with new young and old city-dwellers brought to the fold. All those in the WOW family who couldn't attend get a quick picture with the delightfully short and interesting video takes that are sent after every Action Forum meeting. 

WOW is a platform for rapid translation of technologies. Overall, it creates positive energy and can-do attitude. What should it be driving in the future? It's good to add some measurement, identify impact parameters, their baseline, prioritize concerns and things needing attention, set goals, monitor progress through scorecards at different levels, and standardize solutions for horizontal deployment. 

Why should people be participating in larger numbers in these meetings? And why you, dear reader, should send this edition of Water Voices to at least 5 people who you know as friends and who would be interested in knowing of these important things of the future? 

It enhances the participant's knowledge, and helps manage your lives better as a city-dweller. If you know of the water crisis but do not know what you can do, then Water Voices and the WOW Action Forum is a must view and read. 

WOW gives us all a sense of empowerment, ownership and contribution. It promotes networking as we have seen over the last so many months of the continued hosting every week of the WOW AF meetings. It encourages leadership, team working and execution capability for every participant. And above all, it's free. 

What should it be focusing on if the Action Forum wants real change? Look at deployment through multi-tier architecture. Why can't we create small groups that meet more frequently and execute? And there could be larger groups that meet monthly and steer the whole effort. We could also assign mentors and specialists across groups.  Cost budgeting and donations are very important and this could be sought from CSR.
All of this is not possible, as you all clearly know, without us first attending the WOW AF meetings, and then actively offering at least 2 hours of our time every week for some activity that we can lead, or want to be part of in our cities... You could be in Chennai, Bangalore, or Hyderabad or Ahmedabad or Pune [the 5 cities that WOW AF is registering a clear presence]. You can 'donate' two hours a week... And usher in change that you want to be part of...
Season's best greetings.
E Nandakumar. CEO. ICCW. Chennai.


- E Nandakumar

Make World of Water Your Cause!

Water Voices November 2023 is here. This is your monthly source of news and updates on all things at AltTech.. Send us your thoughts? We need to learn from you in a way that resonates with the good sense and sensibility of all  readers – concerned citizens, dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and potential supporters.

Your Calendar of WOW AF meetings in November 2023

03rd November- WOW #145 Global
Arsenic Removers 
Innovation to Help Scale 
By: Rick Bacon, CEO, Aqua Metrology System



09th November - WOW #146 Hyderabad
Restoring Lakes

Learning it Bottom Up
By: Mudhulika Choudhary, Founder, Dhruvansh Organization, HYD

Water Voices keeps you informed and engaged on the lively conversations at WOW Action Forum, and the inspiring effort at RainReach in schools for the underrepresented. This edition brings you compelling stories, excellent initiatives, and the impact of your contributions. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and address the water-related challenges that lie ahead.

Rich Insights From Water Leaders

Watch Now: Key Highlights from October WOW Meetings

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WOW #141 Global.jpg

1.  Solar Powered Water Systems Training by GWW | Lisa Mitchell

2.  How to Setup a safe Water Enterprise | Benjamin

3.  Community Solar Pumping System and Case Study by GWW |Benjamin and Lisa Mitchell

4. What's the Role of World Bank in Development Project's | K S Gopal

5. India Uses 80% of Water for Cultivation | Hari Haran

WOW National #10.jpg

1.  Indian Railways - Methods for Conserving Water | Ajay Singh

2.  Construction of Rainwater Harvesting at Rail wheel Factory, Yelahanka | Ajay Singh

3.   Case Study - Construction of Wetland at Rail Wheel Factory, Yelahanka | Ajay Singh

4.   The embodied energy of open well water ranges B/W 0.1 to 0.2 per kiloliters | Vishwanath Srikanth

5.  Rail Neer is Superior Compared to other RO Treated water for Drinking | Upendra Raval

WOW Hyderabad #09 143.jpg

1.   Watersheds in Low Rain Areas | Inayat Ali

2.   Case Study - Farm Ponds in Low Rain Areas | Inayat Ali

3.   Techniques for Identifying Watershed Areas | Vijay Sagar & Inayat Ali

4.   The Average Cost of Check Dam Restoration | Murli Sharma & Inayat Ali

WOW National #11 - 144.jpg

1.   Managing Water - Physical Planning | Jit Kumar Gupta

2.   Making Cities Spongy | Jit Kumar Gupta

3.   Water Relevance for Human Living | Jit Kumar Gupta

4.  Planned Cities are Designed Like a Chess Board | Upendra Raval

5.   How Citizens Can Engage in the Planning Process | Ramachandrudu & Jit Kumar Gupta

RainReach Inspires Children and Teachers into Water Action

Check this fascinating set of pictures and caption stories... You will then want to view the videos -- helpfully subtitled -- of what teachers and students say of RainReach and our interventions... Inspiring a new way...

October 06, 2023 

The Karnataka Public School at Malleswaram to the north of Bangalore, is one of about a dozen premium schools that offer more than the regular BBMP schools. This School hosts a high school, primary school, and college. The high school [grades 8-10] has 200 students, the primary school [Grade 4 to 7] has 160 students, and both are accommodated in a newly constructed building. The Principal, Mrs.Vijayalakshmi, of the school, has consented for adopting the RainReach programme of the AltTech Foundation. Effort is on to secure the clearance from the Block Education Officer, which is an executive process that Mahesh, the RainReach Project officer [left] will enable.

October 12, 2023 

The Principal, Mr Sridhar, of the BBMP High School at Hebbal, again to the north of Bangalore, is in discussion with Mahesh. This school hosts about 550 boys and girls in Grades 8, 9 and 10. The Principal has also offered consent for adopting the RainReach programme to make the school Net Zero Water.

This Rooftop Area of the Govt. High School, Hebbal, at is about 2000 Sft approximately – measurements are yet to be undertaken – will offer about 200,000 litres of rainwater harvest annually. The two overhead tanks seen in the picture, currently support the storage need for the school, and is inadequate. Lack of support has left this school vulnerable to water supply uncertainties.

This Rooftop Area of the Govt. High School, Hebbal, is about 2000 Sft approximately – measurements are yet to be undertaken – will offer about 200,000 litres of rainwater harvest annually. The two overhead tanks seen in the picture, currently support the storage need for the school, and is inadequate. Lack of support has left this school vulnerable to water supply uncertainties.


Staff at the Govt. High School, Hebbal helping measure the ground level storage tank. The assessment process takes about a fortnight of work on the data to gather, and the solution framework to be designed with drawings generated for execution.

October 18, 2023 


Teachers at the BBMP Abbigere School, looking at documentation of RainReach programmes conducted at other schools. The teachers at this school, too, were so enthused about the initiative at this meeting that they at once agreed for the hosting of a meeting with all students of a RainReach Contact Session… More pictures follow in this Update of the meeting with students that was organised towards end October.

October 19, 2023 


A Digital Water works team from RainReach assessing the potential for digitising solutions at Agrahara Gov. High School. Every RainReach school has this digital component, which alone brings a saving of about 15-20% in annual water consumption by the simple expedient of measure-monitor-manage. The RainReach team trains some of the senior school children and a coordinating teacher, for this effort at Monitoring and Managing. However, at every school the RainReach team keeps a vigilant eye every month on the base case of water use and the Post-RainReach scenario of water efficiency.


The Rainwater Filtration at Agrahara Gov. High School. As a nodal point for all harvested water flowing into the storage tanks, the filtration location becomes important for deciding on installing the IOT-led meters at every school.


Another picture of the Digital Water Team at Agrahara School. The backdrop offers the open-air auditorium [on left -- of about 3000 Sft area which is now securing the RWH Installation]. At the far end is a gabled, tiled roof which is not taken up for rooftop harvest. And the building on the right as well as another building on the far left [outside the fame of this picture] also harvests water from the rooftops. This school aims at harvesting over 65% of its annual water requirement. Work at this school has been on for the last 3 months since August 2023.

October 20, 2023 


One more High School, this time at Chikkabanavara, with 620 students is falling into the RainReach net of schools. This school has 3 ground-level storage tanks, one solitary borewell that feeds partially the water while the city’s water utility [BWSSB] also has given the school a connection. The Head Mistress, Mrs Manjula discusses possibilities with Mahesh of RainReach, while Mr Karthik, English teacher, looks on.


The Science Teacher Mr Harish at the high school in Chikkabanavara listens to Mahesh explaining the RainReach spectrum of solutions. Mr Harish has been grateful for the support from RainReach for he strongly believes in such water literacy for children and how it will impact them in the long run.

October 30, 2023 


Physical Education Teacher, Dinesh at Gov. High School Abbigere addresses the kids on the importance of rainwater harvesting in our Everyday Life. This RainReach programme held on October 30 also has on the dais, Mrs Manjula (HM), and two water mentors from the city Mr Suresh Pai and Mr Shivanand Prabhu. More pictures follow from the session at Abbigere School.


Highlights of Software Programme at Gov. High School Abbigere

Video 1 : Importance of  Rainwater Harvesting | Mrs. Manjula ( Head Mistress )

Video 2 : Importance of  Rainwater Harvesting | Suresh Pai 

Video 3 :  How to Conserve Rain Water  | Shivananda Prabhu 

Video 4 :  Students Taking Pledge to Save Water  


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